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The Athenians restate their thesis in Book V in the famous “Melian Dialogue.” The Athenian ambassadors this time do not even deign to defend the justice of their empire or decision to attack Melos, because justice has no power except between equals (5.89). But the Melians refuse to abide by the Athenian understanding
Review: Thucydides' The Peloponnesian War mixes tragedy and intellection, profound emotion and painstaking analysis. Steven Lattimore has met the most daunting challenge to a translator of Thucydides, which is to provide a sense of this combination.… More
Let us consider further the way in which the Athenians theorize their own position. We might note at the outset that the most famous remarks of the Athenians have acquired a conventional name, “the Athenian thesis.” At Thucydides 1.76, in their first speech in the History, they argue that fear, honor, and advantage drive all
The Athenian Thesis begins with a statement close in resemblance to the original statement that 'justice is the weak submitting to the strong': “the prize for courage will surely by awarded most justly to those who best know the difference between hardship and pleasure and yet are never tempted to shrink from danger.
The Athenians obviously do not stand alone in their judgment of the rules of international politics. It is worth noting that the Corinthians, who argue against the Athenian defense to persuade Sparta to take action against Athens on their behalf, do not take issue with the Athenian thesis. Rather, they attempt to persuade Sparta
The Athenian Mercantile Community: a reappraisal of the social, political and legal status of inter-regional merchants during the fourth century. Ph.D. Thesis, Cardiff University, 2008. Mark Woolmer. 016119396. 1616401212
These basic Athenian convictions, Orwin argues, eventually return home to infect Athenian “domestic politics.” In particular, in the arguments by which Alcibiades claims the role of commander in Athenian politics, Orwin detects a strident version of the Athenian thesis.7 Thucydides' entire narrative conWrms that external
the attention of political theorists ever since.1 But if the Athenian thesis has attracted support from Hobbes onward, the "realism" of Thucydi- des' Athenians proves deeply problematic. Thucydides offers us a real world that can be as elusive as that sketched by such recent critics of realism as Richard Ashley and James Der
Diodotus presents a version of the Athenian thesis at Sparta that extends its benefits, with remarkable impartiality and justice, to Athens' enemies. In Diodotus's view, if the Athenian thesis justifies the acquisition of empire and the necessary means to maintain it, it equally dictates that the Athenians should rule their empire in
2013. Tyranny and terror: the failure of Athenian democracy and the reign of the Thirty Tyrants. Lucas D. LeCaire. Eastern Washington University. Follow this and additional works at: This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the Student Research and Creative Works at EWU Digital

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