athesist life vs religion

Some argue that religious life is the best way to live. They claim life without a god is sad and depressing ...
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You may think that it's shocking that British schoolchildren are being taught that we were "created", and not that we evolved from primitive life forms over billions of ... Some people might even describe themselves as atheist even though they belong to a religion - maybe because their parents were religious, sometimes just
It is near impossible to argue against religion seeing that those on the side of a "prime mover", use faith as their argument. This creates a problem seeing that it cannot be proven or disproved. What is bewildering to me is that religion of any form is the only aspect of our lives that needs no proof. An extremely simple example
Recently I came across an article about mental health in Theists and Atheists ( While there is much debate about whether any religion is true (which I don't expect to be resolved until well after my lifetime if ever), an important question remains: Is religion good for you? According to Sean Thomas, the
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